The birth of a child happens once at the conclusion of the pregnancy. Time often expands and change our definitions with our experience. Years after the pregnancy miracle and birth of a child, parents continue to go through the pain and pleasures of new births.

Ask any mother how she feels watching her little boy take his first step, or a father hearing the first ‘da da’ and you’ll begin to realize that birth shows up in many ways and in many forms.

Every “first” is a birth into something different.

In preparation for pregnancy, on top of everything else, we need to take a longer view beyond conception, first trimester, first stage of labor and the birth of a child.

What happens during the nine months of pregnancy is critical but it is also only a prelude for life time relationships?

Your awareness of how the pregnancy period impacts a life time may help you adjust and adapt in ways to create a fulfilling relationship with all its ups and downs.